Welcome to Fort Apache Indian Reservation, home to the White Mountain Apache Tribe and Apache Behavioral Health Services. Located in the heart of Arizona, our headquarters is in Whiteriver with clinical offices in Whiteriver, McNary and Cibecue.

Fort Apache Reservation

Whiteriver, Cibecue, McNary & More
The beautiful Fort Apache Reservation is a unique landscape of ever-changing outdoors and wildlife. Our valley rests at ~2,600' above sea level and rises to the peak of our sacred Mt. Baldy at 11,400'. Home to the White Mountain Apache for thousands of years, this land is sacred and rich with history, culture, and tradition.

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High in the mountains amidst lively national forests, Pinetop-Lakeside is a popular summer resort and home to over 4,000 Arizonans. Founded in 1984 when the towns of Pinetop and Lakeside merged, it's a short drive from ABHS and popular, local destinations. Many ABHS employees live in and around Pinetop-Lakeside.

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Show Low

36 miles from ABHS in Whiteriver, Show Low is twice the size of Pinetop-Lakeside with a population of over 10,000 people. According to local legend, the unique name pays tribute to a poker game between Corydon Cooley and Marion Clark, two partners in a 100,000-acre ranch who'd agreed to grant full ownership to whoever showed the lowest card at the end of a marathon game of poker. Cooley showed the deuce of clubs and replied, "Show low it is." As a further tribute, Show Low's main street is named "Deuce of Clubs."

Today, Show Low is home to a diverse community with increased activity in the Summer months from residents in surrounding desert areas.

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